therapy services

applied behavior analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the process of applying systematic interventions based on the principles of learning and behavior.

ABA Therapy uses these principles to meet the goals of the client in order to achieve positive and meaningful behavioral outcomes.

Many studies have documented the effectiveness of ABA when treating Autism. Deficits within the areas of social skills, communication, and language may be affected.

comprehensive ABA

  • Focuses on several domains of development

  • Treatment intensity is typically >25 hours a week

  • Multiple behavioral targets focusing on reducing behavioral excesses and skill acquisition

focused aba

  • Isolated or specific behavioral targets

  • Treatment intensity is typically <25 hours a week

  • Families may choose to target only specific behaviors for reduction or skill acquisition

The provider assigned to your team will work with you in identifying the most appropriate treatment intensity for your family. Treatment intensity recommendations are based on individual and family needs as well as rate of learning and safety. We do understand that availability plays a role in scheduling, however, we will recommend what is medically necessary for your child.

speech therapy

Speech therapy focuses on language, communication, and social skills development. Children with autism often struggle with functional communication skills. Our Speech Language Pathologist is also dually licensed as an Board Certified Behavior Analyst and is able to provide behaviorally based speech therapy services.

Speech therapy is offered 1:1, in consultation with ABA services, as well as groups focusing on social skills and language development in some locations.

We are also set up to provide HIPAA compliant telehealth speech services across all our locations.

occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy helps those with challenges in accessing and participating in the activities and occupations that are meaningful to them. Occupational therapy evaluates the the person, environment, and activity to identify needs and skills needed to be successful in their activities of daily living. Children with autism may present with varying challenges of gross motor, fine motor, social skills, executive functioning skills, self-care skills, and sensory processing skills.

Our Occupational Therapist is also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who is able to provide 1:1 services via telehealth and in-person at some locations. She is able to collaborate with your child's therapy team in providing recommendations to support your child's OT needs through behavioral programming.

collaboration is key

Regardless of the type or frequency of services, collaboration across disciplines and environment will be foundational to your child achieving success.

A Perfect Fit promises to make every effort to collaborate with your child's treatment team. This includes collaboration with other provider's at other facilities as well as providers, teachers, and family members that will impact your child's success.

A Perfect Fit believes in a collaborative approach to care for our clients and families. Research has shown that consistency with behavioral strategies across settings with assist in generalization of skills. Additional releases for collaboration may be needed in order to collaborate with other disciplines at other agencies.

The involvement of the family and/or primary caregivers is essential. Your provider will work closely with those involved in developing goals for generalization of skills in each treatment plan. Regular communications will be established between the provider and families or primary caregivers. The family/caregiver participation and involvement will only maximize the success of your child's progress.

We will make every effort to collaborate for delivery of services in regards to scheduling and interventions.

**All photos and images are used with consent and are not of past or current clients**